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雲や蛸の足のモチーフを好んで描いており、自分の頭の中にあるポップでダークな部分を、様々な手法で表現する。2015年福岡/九州エリア限定発売のSTUSSY Teeアートワーク提供や、2017年ソラリアプラザ(福岡)でのsuchmos10mアーティスト写真へのペインティング、2018年には福岡の伝統工芸小石原焼とのコラボブランド”KAI-改-”をスタート。その他台湾、韓国、タイ、マニラ等、国内外での表現の幅も広げている。


collaborate works : ROXY / ZIMA / Hennessy / STUSSY / Beats by Dr.dre / Manhattan Portage / 博多人形 / 小石原焼 etc…

WOK22 is a graphic designer and a painter who was born in Nagoya, currently resides in Fukuoka.

He has started his career as an artist after his first live painting show. Works by WOK22 incorporate graphic design and illustration elements, and they strongly tie into his live painting works as well.

Exploring with variety of methods, his works often depicts his favorite motifs; clouds and octopus arms, and he deliberately reveals his pop yet dark part of his reality/imagination.


WOK22 provided the artwork for STUSSY Tee Fukuoka/Kyushu area limited edition 2015 and in 2017 he collaborated with an official suchmos artist photograph and made a 10m wide painting at SOLARIA PLAZA Fukuoka. WOK22 is also active internationally and has been working, exhibiting, and making collaborative works in Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, or Manila.


collaborate works : ROXY / ZIMA / Hennessy / STUSSY / Beats by Dr.dre / HAKATA doll   etc…

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